Treatment Guide

Here at Septic Solutions, we strongly recommend that you follow this Treatment Guide for best results. BOSS is the only product on the market that can reverse septic failure, therefore shocking is suggested to reverse buildup even when no signs are present. If signs are present, then aggressive shocking is recommended.



* No Symptom Systems

These are systems that have never shown any signs any problematic signs and or systems that have always been maintained with B.O.S.S, otherwise shock the system as if Problematic to protect your property. If you have relied on pumpouts and other product in the past to maintain your system, your system has buildup that needs to be cleaned out regardless of whether there are symptoms or not.

**Signs of a Problematic Septic System

If your system is showing or has ever exhibited any of the following signs, you need to take immediate action to help save your failing septic system and to avoid expensive replacement. If you have or have ever had any of the following symptoms then your drain field or drainage area is already failing and needs our products to reverse immediately:

    • Frequent pump-outs
    • Slow moving drains
    • Gurgling sounds in your pipes
    • Odors inside or outside your home
    • Tests showing presence of bacteria in your well water
    • Water backing-up into drains and home
    • Pumper noticing water backing into tank from drainfield
    • Inability to use water in the house: toilets do not flush, water does not move or moves slowly into drains
    • Grass growing over drainfield is discolored or greener than other parts of your lawn
    • Flooding, standing or puddled water over your drainfield or septic tank or D-Box
    • Static effluent (water) levels over the top of baffles in the septic tank
    • Symptoms occurring or re-occurring indicate a problematic system.
    • Overflow of water when using laundry.

 Usage and Shock Treatment


All products can be applied by you the customer to toilets and drains. B.O.S.S products are safe to use as per our directions and you can you more if necessary. If you have advanced skill levels at your own risk we do have instructions available for customers who wish to apply the products outside i.e via the Septic Tank or D Box.

Outside application of product is not necessary but can be helpful in certain cases. The only necessary application of our products is through toilets and drains.

We offer free telephone technical support for all paid customers as per our policies. We also provide full detailed instruction in writing with all of our products.

We strongly suggest following our Treatment Guide recommendations for proper dosing . We also recommend using a combination of all 3 products (BIO-112, BOSS and BioCube) when shocking a system or restoring a problematic system or when cleaning out a system that is not problematic to avoid future pumpouts and septic problems.

We suggest applying the products in a series of “shock treatments” whereby large quantities of product are applied to the system to clean out years of accumulated sewage buildup.

When applying the “shock” treatment, an initial higher dosage of all 3 of our products are applied.

Once our sewage-digesting bacteria is added to the septic system they create an ever increasing amount of microorganisms that double every twenty minutes. The bacteria populate and spread throughtout the entire system cleaning it and removing all the sewage and biomat that blocks your waterflow. This process cleans sludge buildup along the walls of your pipes, septic tank, cesspool and especially your drainfield (or drainage area if you have a cesspool or another type of system).

Shocking a system usually takes 3-4 weeks but can vary depending on the backround of a particular system. Full application instructions included with all orders and free technical support also available. Each system varies so more in depth instruction can be obtained once you are a customer through technical support.

This patented process that we have has worked thousands of times both commercially and residentially for years now using our patented products.

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