• With regular monthly use of our groundbreaking product, BIO-112, your entire system from tank to leach lines and drain field will remain clean and clear of organic debris and operate at it's optimum level.

    • Inspections and reports of septic system

    • Video recording of pipe lines

    • Choke clearing and pipe cleaning

    • Maintenance plans

    • Manufacturing metal covers for septic systems

    • Manual cleaning of septic tanks and wells

    • Repairs and installation of septic tanks

    • Digging of wells.

  • Here at Septic Solutions Caribbean, our goal is to ensure that you are equipped informatively so as to protect your investment. In this article, we reveal several tips to keep your septic system from being on the verge of failing.

  • What is Septic Solutions (BOSS)?

    BOSS is a ready to use enzyme fortified multiple spore blend of highly specific bacteria that is designed to provide continuous digestion and liquefaction of organic wastes found in both aerobic (oxygen) and anaerobic (non-oxygen) environments. It is the most powerful waste digesting septic treatment developed by our affiliate company, BIO-SAFE ONE, a major pharmaceutical corporation.

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Do you have one of these symptoms?


Foul odours in your home or around the yard

Gurgling sounds from the drainage

Backups of water in the drains and toilets

Lush plant growth near the septic tank or well

Frequent pumping of water

Have not checked your septic tank in 2 years

Get your Drainfield or Septic Tank help today!

Completely restore clogged drainfields, eliminate pump-outs and keep your entire septic system sparkling clean, clear and free of contamination.

doctorbBacked by over 65 Years Of Research & Development. Beware of imitations! Our exclusive lab-cultivated bacterial solutions are the strongest in the world.

  • Save Money! Avoid Expensive Repairs!
  • Eliminate Odors, Backups and Clogs. Restore Drainage.
  • Prevent Contamination and Devaluation of Property.
  • Many Times Stronger than the Competitor’s Solution.
  • Works in any Septic System including Cesspools, Holding Tanks, Dry wells, Grease Traps, Sand Mounds and More.



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